Nick Mojica

When we moved to the DFW area we spent a little over a year researching properties, going to open house and met a bunch of Real Estate Agent along the way. We met Gorden at an open house and had a very long conversation with him. We were not impressed with the house, but we were extremely impressed with Gorden and began working with him to find our dream home. He went above and beyond looking into lots, contacting builders, walking us through various properties and giving us priceless information durning the entire process. In the end he found us the home that checked all of our boxes and got it for great price. His help and guidance durning the closing process was incredible and we were so thankful for his input. He doesn’t stop at closing, he has been extremely helpful even after we moved in, assisting us with various items. Have the initial conversation with him like we did and you will see for yourself.