Meet Kemberly Mclaughlin


Kemberly has always been passionate about marketing, acquiring skills through both education and experience in the field. She earned her BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University and began working in retail leadership for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Her years in Human Resources as an executive, coach and trainer have proven to be invaluable when developing Silver Elk’s portfolio of marketing techniques.

As a young girl, she learned the art of mediation and reconciliation through many family changes and trials. Kemberly relied on books and music to entertain her and quiet her mind which grew into a passion for self development and life-long learning. Those skills led her to teach and ultimately discover her passion for public speaking and mentoring.

As the Marketing Director at Silver Elk, Kemberly has a true desire for ensuring that the company’s mission of “Building Relationships” comes first. “People are the heart of our referral network and a true treasure, to
be cared for as individuals before we talk about investments or sales,” says Kemberly. By ofering the best real estate experience in the metroplex, only then does she believe the honor of “Guiding You Home®”
is a vision worth fulfilling.

Kemberly assures that all marketing and promotional channels perfectly showcase each listing, and that Silver Elk Realty showcases a strong and reputable brand in the real estate industry. She is committed to authentic care, one of Silver Elk’s core values, and makes it a priority to lead the team towards new marketing techniques, personal connections and industry-defying service.

Her role on the team allows her to use her leadership abilities, be creative and spread the “Guiding You Home®” philosophy through her educational and public speaking eforts.

Exercising a strong desire to give back to the community, Kemberly is involved in overseeing Client Appreciation events, team charity, local sponsorships and many more philanthropic endeavors.

Born in Texas, raised in Michigan, California and Colorado, Kemberly has spent most of her life living in Fort Worth. She is very thankful to Jesus for all of the blessings in her life, especially being married to Gorden McLaughlin, and love from his children. Kemberly enjoys spending time in nature, singing in choir, writing and guiding others to make the wisest possible decisions in life and love. She is a key contributor for the Connection Summit – a seminar for couples in small business to learn to communicate successfully and stay in love.


I am working on time management boundaries with my personal commitments; being able to focus completely on the family when I am with them, and maximizing my productivity during work hours takes
conscious efort but its worth it to plan more efectively and enjoy the moment.

I love that relationships come first. As co-owner of Silver Elk Realty, we do have goals and daily commitments to keep; however the impact on relationships is our first filter. When the priorities of marriage, family, work and friends are in line, I know the results will matter and right
needs will be met.

We have two Golden Retrievers, better known as the “comedians” of the canine world for good reason.
One is sporty, the other is spice. Together they bring daily amusement and joy to us both. I have to
give credit to Gorden, though, who usually tricks them into some new game that cracks me up or he finds creative ways to “stage” a scene with their toys, just waiting for me to discover his theatrical presentation.

Grace and graciousness. Love is a choice and I’m amazed when I embrace the reality of how I am loved by Jesus. My love for scripture and journaling my thoughts has helped me to hear from God first which takes
the pressure of my husband, for being the One to build me up and heal my heart. Worship is love expressed and given the right season, you’ll find me in the choir at Gateway Church, where I get to fully “be me” and be filled.

Aspen, Colorado We spent our 5th anniversary there in the fall. The Aspen trees, gurgling rivers and meandering tour of the majestic Rocky Mountains bring a stillness to my soul just thinking about it.
No agenda, just drive and play. That sense of freedom and adventure is rare.

Riviera Maya, Mexico Gorden surprised me for anniversary & 40th birthday adventure. I was told what to pack but not where. Xcaret was magical but the private guided tour of the Mayan Ruins, Tide Pools, beaches, sea turtles and Dos Ocho Cenote snorkeling did make me feel I could conquer a new decade.

DisneyWorld This has to make “the list” when I find myself comparing REAL places and saying, “Wow, that’s just like Disney… but Disney did it better!”… I grew up with dad taking me to Disneyland every summer, but it got really fun when I took Gorden to DW for his first ever
experience. He was hooked, then we planned Disney vacations for both of our girls’ sweet sixteen birthdays. Its time to return, soon.

Certified Listing Specialist

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EQi Certified Coach

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