Allison Lee

Gorden was such an incredible representative for us. Let me start from the beginning. 3 years ago or so, my husband and I decided to start looking for our first home. Gordon happened to be a listing agent on a home we were kind of interested in, and so I contacted him about seeing the home. It turned out to not really be right for us, but being the great realtor he is, he asked us if we had a realtor of our own. We didn’t. So we decided to start working with him, but quickly into the process (I can’t remember really what happened exactly but my husband got laid off from his job, and we found out I was pregnant) we just decided this would be a little too much to tackle in 2014. Well, 2014 came to a close and Gorden stayed in touch. We got a Christmas card from his family, and in early 2015 we received a congratulations card from him on the birth of our baby girl. I had very casually mentioned in one our first conversations that we were due in Feb of 2015, and he remembered. That is the kind of attention to detail you will receive.